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Scissors SuperCut

GerVetUSA has manufactured numerous types of scissors in veterinary surgical instrument range such as Iris Dental Gum Scissors SuperCut, Deaver Scissors - Supercut Curved, and LaGrange Scissors 4 1/2" Double Curved SuperCut. These popular pair of scissors are used by dentists to cut, enhance and re-create gums, teeth and other in-mouth structures, Iris Scissors have one razor sharp cutting edge and a lower blade, with fine serration to prevent tissue slippage with black handle. Deaver Operating Scissors have all the functionality of standard operating scissors, but also feature a delicate pattern. Three tip configurations are available (sharp/sharp, blunt/blunt, or sharp/blunt), varying curvatures and multiple lengths, allowing these scissors to be used for multipurpose cutting and dissecting. Our customer service is very trustworthy and our customers either through our online support system or on call at 1-800-330-1322. So, contact us today to get the best and high-quality surgical equipment without any difficulty.

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