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Bone - Furcation Dental Files

GerVetUSA has a vast range of Bone files that are used for the final smoothing and shaping of bone. Straight cut bone files reduce and smooth bone with only a pull stroke due to the parallel position of the cutting edges. Whereas Cross-Cut files increase efficiency by cutting in two directions. One working end is curved and the other is straight. Working ends are available in different sizes and angles. Furcation probes are used to assess periodontal pocket depths, attachment levels, anatomy configurations gingival bleeding and ideal for accessing furcation areas. These are made from surgical grade stainless steel that ensures the quality and longevity of each instrument. GerVetUSA wishes to serve you at the fullest of our capacity. Our Surgical instruments are quite popular among veterinarians because of reasonable pricing and high-quality. For purchasing more surgical instruments, please go through our other tools details. Hurry up!
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