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Hooks Skin

The skin hook is a quick, practical tool for use in dermatological operations. This instrument has long been used by plastic surgeons. Unwanted damage to the skin during surgical procedures may be limited to a minimum through the skin hook. These are light weighted retractors that are widely used throughout intranasal and pharyngeal procedures to hold back the edges of the tissue. Also they are equipped with sharp hook, single or double prong. The handle is often knurled and round, and tapering to the end of the hook. We have Joseph Hook Double Prong, Inge Retractors, Gillies Hook Small 8", and Joseph Hook Sharp Single Prong 6". GerVetUSA has been able to satisfy our valuable consumers with a great effort from our team. We manufacture and offer the finest and innovative surgical products with years of experience, district-of - the-art equipment and a team of professionals. GerVetUSA is the single greatest shopping destination for veterinary surgical instruments with mutual satisfaction and assured quality of 100 per cent.

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